What is stoolball 

The game of stoolball, over 500 years old, is the forerunner of cricket.

It’s played with similar equipment on any grass area with a 90 yard diameter boundary.

The pitch is 16 yards long.

Bowling is underarm from a bowling crease 10 yards from the batsman’s wicket and teams consist of 11 players – either ladies or mixed.

Stoolball is comparatively cheap and doesn’t need an immaculately maintained pitch.

The wickets are wooden boards on stakes and the ball is similar to a rounders ball .

Teams usually have eleven players, with one team fielding and the other batting. The bat is the shape of a table tennis bat, made of willow with a long, sprung and spliced handle.

The scoring and rules are similar to those of cricket, with the batting side defending the wickets. There are runs, boundaries, catches and run-outs, and also body-before-wicket (BBW).

But there are eight balls in each over – two more than in cricket.

For a full set of all the rules and more information on the sport  you can visit the Stoolball England website 




Dimensions of the wickets

Fielding positions